How To Create Job Ads That Will Attract The Right Candidates

In today’s competitive market, sourcing the best talent has become more difficult than ever.  The reason for this may be in the job advertisement.  So with so many options, people are spending a lot more time looking for their “perfect job” in addition to spending less time in companies.

People these days want more than just a “job” they love, something they can enjoy and something that means more to them.  All this to ensure that your job ad has something to offer you need to appeal to something that can strike the heart, soul, and/or wallet of your ideal candidates. Placement consultancy is also a better place for this because their work is done by understanding your requirements well.

Over the past few years, we have all seen a trend where the unemployment rate in most countries has dropped to historic lows.

As an employer you are looking for new staff members – so you are here for the wild ride.  You must know that today’s talent pool is decreasing day by day, and people who have a good experience are already working for someone else. Attack your problem today and check your job advertisement before applicants contact the company.

If the job advertisement is not attracting strong candidates then think about solving it. Doesn’t your job ad get enough traction?  So posting advertisements on job boards and praying that it reaches the right people.  It’s like sending a message in a closed box because here one can only hope that it reaches the right people.

Most of those who finished their job ad are currently unemployed.  That’s not to say you’re getting to the bottom of the talent pool, but – it could be only a fraction of the potential hires. You should be aware that the best possible people for the job are already employed and are not actively looking for work.

So there are not many available first-class candidates available so it takes a lot of time to find a good candidate for a post.  It can take months or even weeks until the search is over for enough candidates to choose you.

Ways to improve your job ad?

All these problems can be eliminated at the very beginning of the recruitment process with an attractive job advertisement.  Some ways to do this are briefly described below:

1 Start with a good and attractive job title.

Getting the job title right is important for job advertisements, as it is the first thing every job searcher looks for.  So don’t forget to make sure first that it makes an impact.  The type of language used is important, and don’t use words like “guru”, “expert” or “ninja”.  Because it may turn your ad away from potential applicants, especially women and minorities, who may have less confidence while being equally competent.

The level of position implied by the job title can be particularly attractive to potential employees.  You have to be clear about whether the role is whether the position level is junior, middle, or senior.

Job titles are also important because they can provide internal candidates with potential career paths within the company.  It is very important for you to understand the potential roles they are working for employees looking forward to moving forward and taking on new roles.

2 Focus on good design

The design of a job title is one of the most important elements of your job advertisement.  According to interesting research done by Software Advice, 51% of the respondents claim that they can find an ad with more than one attractive image without any ad.

What type of image do you use in your job advertisement?  So by this, about 30% of the respondents can be most attracted towards your company’s products or services.  If you’re in IT and you don’t feel right, screenshots and lines of code can be more impressive.  So the good news is that 22% of applicants see your employees in the image, which can make your job ad more attractive.

You can learn a lesson from the opening pages of other titles, and navigate their designs.  Can find out whether it attracts the visitor or not.  Most cannot showcase the product themselves, so they feature employees and their work culture in their titles.

There are many such companies and no one has a team of designers who can create a beautiful job advertisement page for them.  For this, you can make good compromises with services like Fiverr or Dribbble to create a great ad design for your job.

3 Focus on essential and well-versed skills

You are looking for someone who has all the skills you need to completely fix your open position.  While preparing a list of these skills for the job, you have to make sure whether you yourself are suitable or not.

Your list of required skills is too broad so many candidates may be put off.  Because they don’t think they have everything on your list, this may discourage them from applying.  For this reason, it is beneficial to separate the skills into two groups, essential and desirable/being good, and where the required job skills will be in the first group.  This means only those who will be eligible will apply for the job.

The position of the job seeker gives the candidate a good place to learn about the expectations of the employer.  For example, if you have an opening for a social media manager and require active knowledge of CSS and JavaScript, that’s a red flag for the applicant that you don’t really understand what the position is.

4 Be sneaky

One of the easiest ways to reduce the number of unqualified candidates is that you don’t need to spend any extra time or money.  But the truth is that a lot of applicants are applying for jobs by going through the job boards and that too without seeing the advertisements in detail.

To counter this problem you can write a very simple instruction somewhere in the middle of the job advertisement.  While placing the job advertisement, candidates are instructed to write ‘I have read the job description’ in the subject line of the email while applying.

Using this one very simple tactic will immediately show who has read the ad carefully and has a genuine interest in the position.  This strategy is especially useful for positions that require attention to detail and can be applied anywhere.  You can make this requirement anything you wish.

5 Mention Salary

All companies have bills to pay.  Salary matters, even if your company is in a great place to work with a great culture and tons of perks.  Salary does not hold the same priority for everyone, but the salary is considered one of the focal points of a good job advertisement.

The number one reason salary is listed in a job advertisement is attracting more people.  About 30% more applicants can be attracted from the listed salary job advertisement.  Second, those who apply to know exactly what to expect.  This way, you can end up with one that is too expensive for your budget.

HR managers use experience-based listings when discussing salaries in job advertisements.  This is a neat way to get accurate figures, it is hardly something that will entice the candidates.  If you list a category based on experience, candidates know what to expect depending on what they bring to the table.

If you don’t list the salary at all, candidates will think you’re trying to get a wonderful person and may be underpaid.

The biggest reason for listing salary in a job advertisement can motivate people who want to change jobs.  For more than 70% of those who quit, pay is the primary reason for the change in the workplace.  If you are offering a higher salary, they may be more likely to see you as their next employer.

6 Can offer something for free

It can be a sneaky thing to do again, but if you’re looking to hire experienced people all is well.  In fact, this trick must be used to recruit people in your search.

You can create a job simulation test using some hiring apps and advertise on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  In the advertisement, you should offer one free thing to the applicants but only for those who will score well in the exam.

Why do this as it will help in attracting the attention of the inactive candidates?  Because some job openings don’t check ads, doing so will also help brand the company culture.

7 Talk about company culture.

Companies that grow small and organically may not have the money of big business, but they can provide a huge cultural advantage over larger enterprises.

Small businesses are mostly dynamic and have more flexibility in their roles.  They can offer more personalized perks for individuals and teams.

If you offer flexible work, speak up about it.  You can use these types of selling points to show how you are different from others and why someone would want to work with you.

8 Using a Recruitment App for Your Job Ad

Companies often write short blog posts about their current openings to offer candidates boring lists with tasks and duties. Then draw the attention of the candidates with a short skill-based quiz.

If you want to hire someone well and effectively, make sure you try out the hiring apps once. You should consider what’s great about a skill test and why should you try it?

First and foremost, candidates are appointed based on their performance, not based on their resumes. This lets you see how they can accomplish a particular role with a small range of job-specific tasks.

Second, any candidate gets the job without any bias, in which only one applicant’s name and results are seen.

Hiring App helps you get hired efficiently. This can significantly cut down on the time and money spent on hiring a candidate compared to traditional job advertisements.


If you don’t have the biggest company, and you are not able to offer the highest salary or the most expensive perks. Even so, you can still try your best to win over the candidates easily. You have to be honest with your candidates, share all your good parts in your job advertisement. Always try to show your winning personality first, which is bound to attract like-minded people.

Get in touch with our recruitment consultancy if you want to get information about recruitment, employee engagement, and human resources. With good and attractive advertising, one can succeed in recruiting the best people for the company.