Optical Character Recognition

Salary: 3 LPA – 4.8LPA

Experience : 1 + YEAR

Preferred candidate: Immediate joiner

Location – Mira Road Mumbai

Responsibilities :
o Very good theoretical and practical knowledge of AI, ML and DL methods and in-depth experience in
relevant tools/languages such as Python
o Knowledge of neural network architecture (Convent’s, RNNs, LSTMs, etc.) and experience with deep
learning libraries (karas, TensorFlow, Pytorch etc.)
o Ideally, some experience in extracting entities and relations (information extraction) from unstructured
data sources, and in recognising and classifying objects in images
o Good understanding of data structures, data modelling and software architecture
o Familiarity with Python Advanced, Sklearn/Pandas/NumPy, Pytorch/ TensorFlow
o Experience in Data wrangling/Feature Engineering
o Ideal candidate is committed, motivated, willing to learn new tools technologies, and be willing to step
outside their comfort zone

Interested candidates can contact 9560155086 (HR) & Drop Resume at [email protected]