Tips on working with a recruiter

We know that job searching is tough.  Whether you are looking for the best time to apply or coordinating an interview.  Second, waiting to hear back from an employer, finding your next career stop requires a tremendous amount of work and good faith.


Some people embark on a job search journey alone to find a job.  Some people get support from experienced career advocates whom we know as recruiters.


Partnering with a recruiter from one company can be a rewarding resource when trying to find the next role for you.  Establishing a relationship with one of your recruiters brings endless opportunities such as access to an extended network, hidden job markets, resume help, salary negotiation assistance, and a streamlined job search, etc.


Amid this increasing competition and ups and downs of job searching for a job on your own has become a difficult task.  Also if a role is not good, candidates are often out of luck.  An agency recruiter works on multiple jobs in different companies and industries at a time.  On the other hand, if an opportunity doesn’t come to an end, chances are that a recruiter still has something for you that you might be a better fit for.


If you partner with HR consultants, the benefits are endless.  But you must know how to work effectively with anyone.  As a job seeker, it is important to prepare to work with a recruiter.

Benefits of working with employers

Working with employers can help you find the right job for yourself quickly.  Further building good working relationships with your recruiter’s managers and other HR professionals can benefit you in your job search.  Benefits of working with employers:


  1. 1. Learning new job opportunities including some untapped opportunities
  1. 2. Having someone to advocate for you with hiring managers to secure roles and better pay
  1. 3. Gaining internal knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for
  1. 4. Coaching on Resume and Interview Techniques
  2. 5. Receive feedback on every job application to help you improve
  3. Check out these tips to help your recruiter search for the job of your dreams:

1 Preparing for Your First Meeting

You have to prepare for your first meeting with a new recruiter like a job interview.  The amount of time spent in preparation determines whether your recruiter has all the information you need to help you with your job search.


A current resume is a valuable tool to help recruiters match you with the right positions.  That’s why it’s important to make sure your resume includes relevant and current work and education history, including details of any recent courses and volunteer work.  Double-check the contact details for your references before giving your resume to recruiters.


Your preparation helps you to answer the questions confidently and accurately.  Recruiters first talk to their new clients about their career goals, as this helps recruiters understand what they want to achieve.  Together in this how can they help you reach that goal? If you don’t know what your goals are, first consider what kind of job you want and what it looks like.


Think about your preferred industry and location, the job you want to do, and the corporate culture that best suits you.  Tell your recruiters what your dream job should be like, which will help them match you with suitable positions.


Additionally, you can search online to see the average salary for your preferred career.  You should consider your experience and education to determine how much money you want when determining a reasonable salary.  Be honest about this so this information will help employers negotiate a fair salary on your behalf.

2 Ask Questions to Determine Compatibility

An employer asks you questions to determine if you are the right candidate for a position.  Similarly, you should ask recruiters questions to see if they are the best people to help you get your job.  Ask your new recruiter about their experience in your industry and how they help candidates find work.  You have to evaluate their answers and wish to listen to determine whether you and them can have a good working relationship.

3 Communicate Openly

Having open communication gives employers the tools they need to represent you effectively.  You have to be honest about everything that affects your job search.  Including your resume, any firm job requirements, and your relationships with other employers.


A resume provides a summary of your education and work history.  You’re communicating openly with recruiters fills in any information gaps helping to best represent them.  For example, there is a gap of one year in your work history because you traveled, which will help recruiters to explain the gap to hiring managers.


Some job applicants have strict job requirements, such as working only on weekdays and requiring a job at a specific location.  Taking all of this into consideration makes it good for employers to identify jobs that best meet their needs.  Second, you need to be open about the jobs you have applied for along with other recruiters.  So that you can make efficient and productive use of it every time.  Recruiters understand very well that job seekers engage with a variety of professional contacts in their search and appreciate your candor.

4 To be respectful and polite

Use a respectful tone and polite demeanor when you interact with your employers.  This lets your recruiters know you’ll show the same courtesy to any employer and feel more confident recommending you for roles.  Recruiters will work hard to help you find a good job while feeling more positive towards you.


You speak to them in a calm, polite, and professional manner at all times.  By keeping your correspondence brief and communicating only when necessary, showing respect for the recruiter’s time and other commitments.

5 Use Preferred Communication Methods and Practices

Communicate with your recruiters using their preferred methods and practices.  Communicating this way increases your chances of positive and timely responses.


You can use the preferred communication channels.  As such some recruiters prefer to communicate primarily through email and some prefer telephone correspondence.  If you’re unsure, ask recruiters how they’d like to be contacted and how often.


You can submit the documents in your recruiter’s preferred method as recruiters may prefer you to upload your resume on their website, attach it to email or send it by mail.  Following such guidelines ensures that these documents are not overlooked.


Always communicate something with employers after your interview.  Recruiters are your contact people as you go through the job search process, and it’s good etiquette to follow this accepted communication practice.

6 Attend All Scheduled Appointments

Attending all appointments in your recruiting program shows that you are trustworthy.  When recruiters know you’re reliable, they can feel more confident recommending you.  Make sure you attend any interviews and appointments with your recruiter.  You have to make sure you always arrive on time, as punctuality is another desirable quality for employees.  If you cannot attend for any reason, such as serious illness or injury, telephone in advance to attempt to reschedule.

7 Reply to Messages Quickly

Responding to messages from your employers shows respect and eagerness in your job search quickly.  A fast response can also help you take advantage of any time-sensitive opportunities.  You have to make sure that you don’t miss a call, whenever possible keep your telephone on at full volume.  Be sure to check your inbox, instant messaging, and voicemail regularly for correspondence as well.

8 Connect with Recruiters Regularly

Regular correspondence with your employers ensures that they think of you whenever they find suitable roles.  Communicate with your employers every two to four weeks and it’s a good idea.  A short message that states that you are still looking for work and look forward to hearing from them soon can be an effective reminder of your job search.

9 Thank the recruiters for their help

When you have secured the job, you may find that the services of recruiters will no longer be needed.  For whether they helped you secure a position or not.  You should take the time to thank them for their assistance.


You can leave a positive review online for recruiters.  Your gratitude will have an eventual positive impact on recruiters, and it may encourage them to work with you later if needed.  Recruiters may re-contact you with lucrative job offers in the future to help you advance in your career.

Final thoughts

HR solutions can be a strong ally in your career advancement.  But first, make sure to update your resume before meeting any new recruiters.  If you want to impress them instantly, with Resume Builder your new resume can be a great way to start.

Through this article, you must have come to know how to work with any recruiters.  Check out a better option for yourself with the help of all the tips above.  You can get more information about jobs in different sectors by visiting our job seekers.