6 Ways To Separate Yourself From Other Job Candidates

Being highly qualified today isn’t enough to get you a job, and it probably was in the past.  Now when we talk about the 21st century, employers are attacked with resumes and applications on a daily basis.  Application with a resume in a way makes applicants expendable.


If you apply with a lot of specific qualifications, they may be invisible to a hiring manager because they have a lot of qualified candidates coming in every day.  Now with all these things in mind you are wondering how to stand out from other interview candidates while applying for the job.


You can also take the help of HR services companies to face this problem because the competition in a job search is tough.  How many people apply for a position like you, and there are a certain number of jobs out there.  That’s why you need to put yourself above the rest of the competition by focusing on your resume and application.


We’ve outlined six expert tips for standing out for a hiring manager.  Prepare yourself to stand out in an interview by following these tips.


1 You Don’t Have to Be Afraid to Show Your Passion

Senior care is all about serving older adults and the family members they love.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to sit and chat with an older adult, you may be the best candidate to serve them.  If you have a passion for service and can’t stop yourself from initiating discussions with your superiors, don’t hesitate.


You can state what attracted you to Senior Care in your cover letter and during the interview process.  For most senior living professionals, their love for seniors began during childhood, rather than during their college education with grandparents or senior neighbors.  Tell your story, and it will be hard for hiring managers to deny your passion and enthusiasm for serving older adults.


2 Make Sure You Have a LinkedIn Profile and Resume Revised

We need to note that even in the age of online applications and LinkedIn messaging, resumes are still important.  That’s why you need to highlight those skills in your resume today that suit the position.  It may also mean that you need to revise your resume regularly depending on the position you are looking for.  As the job posting goes, the extra time it takes to customize your skills is likely to get you noticed and land you an interview.


Another thing that recruiters and hiring managers usually look for is LinkedIn.  You need to have a LinkedIn profile that reflects your resume.  Add a nice picture and a cover photo to it so that your profile is complete.  This humanizes you beyond the resume and has a face with your name on it.


3 Talk about your achievements

During the interview, don’t hesitate to tell the hiring manager about achievements you’re proud of.  If possible, be sure to also talk about specific challenges in your workplace that give you new and creative solutions.  If you used to serve on a fall-prevention committee that started a new staff training program. 

If so, we can talk about the process from noticing the problem to developing a solution to how it happened.  It may be ideal to use real-life situations you’ve encountered in previous senior living roles, but make sure not to worry if you’re new to senior care.  You can talk about other situations at your previous workplace or school in which you were part of solving the problem.


4 Can ask important questions.

The interview provides an opportunity for any candidate to know more about a company.  After you’ve done your homework about the company, you can prepare some questions and direct them to potential employers during the interview.  All of this shows that you are fully dedicated to the process and interested in the company. 

You can ask about their goals for their community and how you can contribute to them.  Also may consider asking about the involvement of family members in the community.  You can keep a good portfolio to take notes as well as extra copies of your resume and supervisor references.


5 Prove that you’ve done your homework about the company and are comfortable with silence.

You must do research on the company and the employer so that you are well prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding the company.  When you demonstrate what you learn about the company and combine its responses, it shows that you have information about the company.  You can take your time to learn about the company’s culture, mission, vision, values ​​, and recent achievements and improvements.

Having this understanding will help you learn how you can contribute to their needs and demonstrate this on your cover letter.  By doing this all this impresses the hiring manager as it shows your affection for the company.  You should be prepared to pitch a quick lift along with the products and services the company offers.


When you are interviewing over the phone or in person, you can sometimes feel pressured to answer questions quickly.  Now, these may include some questions that you may need to consider to give effective and realistic answers.  You don’t have to be afraid to take a moment or two to reflect on a question.  You can ask the interviewer to repeat the question, plus it’s okay to take a deep breath and say, “You asked a great question, give me some time to think about it.”


6. Don’t be too hasty to interact with residents

If you find yourself encountering residents in the hallway during a community tour during the hiring process, feel free to strike up a casual conversation with them.  Saying hello to them, smiling, or starting a conversation with a senior resident gives you a good feel for resident morale and satisfaction in that community.


Ultimately, creating an interview strategy will help you learn how to differentiate yourself from other applicants.  Begin by imagining yourself on the opposite side of the interview table.  You don’t need to memorize the answers. Still, doing so helps you understand how valuable they can be to the company.



We hope this guide has helped you learn how to look different in an interview.  Also, a little secret that few people know is that employers are more likely to hire candidates who have a great set of soft skills, even if their hard skills require some work. The reason for this is that soft skills cannot be taught, but hard skills can be taught. 

You can take the help of HR Consultants India to improve your resume so that you can stand out among a pool of candidates at the time of your next application.


Finding a job for yourself can be a tedious process. Apart from this, if you can manage to differentiate yourself from other candidates, then you can open the door to success for yourself. So you have to keep calm and have faith in your abilities.